vírus da criatividade

The Creativity Virus is a book about and for Creative Thinking

Creativity is curiosity in action.   Leonardo da Vinci

Creativity is one of our most precious human resources. To it, we owe our civilisation, our culture, and every benefit arts, science or technology offer. Fortunately, creativity is inexhaustible, and creativity creates creativity.
The Creativity Virus is a book about and for Creative Thinking. The purpose is to infect the reader through different kind of texts, images and exercises, to think and act in a more creative way.
In honour of the creative genius Leonardo da Vinci, this book was released on his 567th anniversary, the 15th of April 2019, and initiated with its presentation, the World Creativity and Innovation Week, which finishes on the 21st of April – the World Creativity and Innovation Day (as defined by the United Nations).
The authors of this book come from several cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and for this reason the book is bilingual, every author wrote in her/his own mother tongue and then every contribution was translated to English, being widely understood.
Let yourself be infected by our Creativity Virus!!! Enjoy.

The book can be ordered at info@mindshake.pt.

The price is 35 €  and shipping costs.

In Portugal the postage on 1 book costs 3,28€, to the rest of Europe it is 9,52€, and to the rest of the world 18,78€.